Oobabooga Text Generation Web UI

Getting Started

If you're running with the option Run AGiXT and Text Generation Web UI with Docker (NVIDIA Only), you can access the Text Generation Web UI at http://localhost:7860/?__theme=dark to download and and configure your models. The AI_PROVIDER_URI will be http://text-generation-webui:5000 for your AGiXT agents.

Create Agent

  1. Create a new agent
  2. Set AI_PROVIDER to oobabooga.
  3. Set AI_PROVIDER_URI to the URI of your Oobabooga server.
  4. Set PROMPT_PREFIX and PROMPT_SUFFIX if your model requires it. For example, for models like Vicuna, you will want to enter the PROMPT_PREFIX to User: and PROMPT_SUFFIX to \nAssistant:.
  5. Review and set any of the other settings as you see fit from the agent settings page.

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