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AGiXT is a dynamic Artificial Intelligence Automation Platform engineered to orchestrate efficient AI instruction management and task execution across a multitude of providers. Our solution infuses adaptive memory handling with a broad spectrum of commands to enhance AI's understanding and responsiveness, leading to improved task completion. The platform's smart features, like Smart Instruct and Smart Chat, seamlessly integrate web search, planning strategies, and conversation continuity, transforming the interaction between users and AI. By leveraging a powerful plugin system that includes web browsing and command execution, AGiXT stands as a versatile bridge between AI models and users. With an expanding roster of AI providers, code evaluation capabilities, comprehensive chain management, and platform interoperability, AGiXT is consistently evolving to drive a multitude of applications, affirming its place at the forefront of AI technology.

Embracing the spirit of extremity in every facet of life, we introduce AGiXT. This advanced AI Automation Platform is our bold step towards the realization of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Seamlessly orchestrating instruction management and executing complex tasks across diverse AI providers, AGiXT combines adaptive memory, smart features, and a versatile plugin system to maximize AI potential. With our unwavering commitment to innovation, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI and bringing AGI closer to reality.

Table of Contents ๐Ÿ“–

โš ๏ธ Disclaimers

Monitor Your Usage

Please note that using some AI providers (such as OpenAI's GPT-4 API) can be expensive! Monitor your usage carefully to avoid incurring unexpected costs. We're NOT responsible for your usage under any circumstances.

Key Features ๐Ÿ—๏ธ

  • Context and Token Management: Adaptive handling of long-term and short-term memory for an optimized AI performance, allowing the software to process information more efficiently and accurately.
  • Smart Instruct: An advanced feature enabling AI to comprehend, plan, and execute tasks effectively. The system leverages web search, planning strategies, and executes instructions while ensuring output accuracy.
  • Interactive Chat & Smart Chat: User-friendly chat interface for dynamic conversational tasks. The Smart Chat feature integrates AI with web research to deliver accurate and contextually relevant responses.
  • Task Execution & Smart Task Management: Efficient management and execution of complex tasks broken down into sub-tasks. The Smart Task feature employs AI-driven agents to dynamically handle tasks, optimizing efficiency and avoiding redundancy.
  • Chain Management: Sophisticated handling of chains or a series of linked commands, enabling the automation of complex workflows and processes.
  • Web Browsing & Command Execution: Advanced capabilities to browse the web and execute commands for a more interactive AI experience, opening a wide range of possibilities for AI assistance.
  • Multi-Provider Compatibility: Seamless integration with leading AI providers such as OpenAI (as well as any that use OpenAI style endpoints), ezLocalai, Hugging Face, GPT4Free, Google Gemini, and more.
  • Versatile Plugin System & Code Evaluation: Extensible command support for various AI models along with robust support for code evaluation, providing assistance in programming tasks.
  • Docker Deployment: Simplified setup and maintenance through Docker deployment.
  • Audio-to-Text & Text-to-Speech Options: Integration with Hugging Face for seamless audio-to-text transcription, and multiple TTS choices, featuring Brian TTS, Mac OS TTS, and ElevenLabs.
  • Platform Interoperability & AI Agent Management: Streamlined creation, renaming, deletion, and updating of AI agent settings along with easy interaction with popular platforms like Twitter, GitHub, Google, DALL-E, and more.
  • Custom Prompts & Command Control: Granular control over agent abilities through enabling or disabling specific commands, and easy creation, editing, and deletion of custom prompts to standardize user inputs.
  • RESTful API: FastAPI-powered RESTful API for seamless integration with external applications and services.
  • Expanding AI Support: Continually updated to include new AI providers and services, ensuring the software stays at the forefront of AI technology.

The features that AGiXT provides cover a wide range of services and are used for different tasks. Refer to Processes and Frameworks for more details about the services and framework.

Quick Start Guide

Windows and Mac Prerequisites

Linux Prerequisites

Download and Install

Open a PowerShell terminal and run the following to download and install AGiXT:

Windows and Mac:

git clone
cd AGiXT


git clone
cd AGiXT
sudo pwsh ./AGiXT.ps1

When you run the AGiXT.ps1 script for the first time, it will create a .env file automatically. There are a few questions asked on first run to help you get started. The default options are recommended for most users.

For advanced environment variable setup, see the Environment Variable Setup documentation for guidance on setup.

    ___   _______ _  ________
   /   | / ____(_) |/ /_  __/
  / /| |/ / __/ /|   / / /
 / ___ / /_/ / //   | / /
/_/  |_\____/_//_/|_|/_/

Visit our documentation at
Welcome to the AGiXT Environment Setup!
Would you like AGiXT to auto update? (y/n - default: y):
Would you like to set an API Key for AGiXT? Enter it if so, otherwise press enter to proceed. (default is blank):
Enter the number of AGiXT workers to run (default: 10):

After the environment setup is complete, you will have the following options:

1. Run AGiXT (Stable - Recommended!)
2. Run AGiXT (Development)
3. Run Backend Only (Development)
4. Exit
Enter your choice:

Choose Option 1 to run AGiXT with the latest stable release. This is the recommended option for most users. If you're not actively developing AGiXT, this is the option you should choose.

Running and Updating AGiXT

Any time you want to run or update AGiXT, run the following commands from your AGiXT directory:



Each AGiXT Agent has its own settings for interfacing with AI providers, and other configuration options. These settings can be set and modified through the web interface.


Need more information? Check out the documentation for more details to get a better understanding of the concepts and features of AGiXT.

Other Repositories

Check out the other AGiXT repositories at - these include the AGiXT Streamlit Web UI, AGiXT Python SDK, AGiXT TypeScript SDK, AGiXT Dart SDK, AGiXT C# SDK, and more!


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