AGiXT supports different interaction modes with the agent. These features are listed as Smart Instruct, Smart Chat, Task Chains, Smart Task Chains, and prompt. These modes are explained in detail below.


Think of an instruction as giving a simple, specific command to your pet. For instance, you might tell your dog to "fetch the ball". The dog knows what each of these words means, and it can perform this single task for you. In the world of AI, an instruction could be something like "Translate this sentence into Spanish". It's a single, straightforward command that the AI can execute immediately.

Instruction uses commands. To know more about the commands refer to Extension Commands.

Smart Instruct

"Smart Instruct" is an advanced feature of the AGiXT software that integrates artificial intelligence designed to comprehend, plan, and execute tasks efficiently. It starts with an instruction from the user, which the system breaks down and analyzes. Leveraging the power of web search, the system seeks out relevant information to understand the task at hand thoroughly. It then formulates multiple strategies, evaluates them for any potential issues, and fine-tunes the best possible solution. This solution is then executed via a series of commands, with each output monitored for accuracy. The process concludes with a detailed report on the task's execution, providing a comprehensive overview of the journey from instruction to completion. "Smart Instruct" truly embodies the synergy of artificial intelligence and the internet, offering an intelligent, adaptive, and reliable approach to task completion.


Chatting with an AI is like having a conversation with a friend, but your friend is a computer. You can talk about all sorts of topics, ask questions, and get responses. The AI doesn't just do one thing and stop; it keeps the conversation going. It's more interactive and open-ended than just giving an instruction.

Smart Chat

"Smart Chat" is an advanced feature of the AGiXT software that integrates artificial intelligence with web research to deliver highly accurate and contextually relevant responses to user prompts. It initiates with user interaction, followed by strategic web searches conducted by an AI agent. The agent then scrapes and analyses data from the web, recursively learning and exploring until it gathers enough information. This knowledge is then used to generate potential task solutions, which are evaluated and refined through multiple AI modules. The result is a carefully crafted solution that not only addresses the user's original prompt but also incorporates the most recent and pertinent data from the web, ensuring a comprehensive and informed response.


Imagine a chain of dominoes. When you knock over the first one, it sets off a series of actions, with each domino affecting the next. In AI, a chain is a series of steps or commands that are linked together. The output of one step becomes the input for the next. This allows you to create complex workflows, where the AI performs a series of actions in a specific order, like a recipe. It's a way of automating processes, so you can get the AI to do more complex jobs without needing to supervise every step.

Task Chains

Think of Task Chains as a roadmap for a journey. When you plan a trip, you don't just decide on the destination, you also plan the route you'll take, the stops you'll make, and the sights you'll see along the way. In the world of AI, a Task Chain is a sequence of steps or tasks that the AI needs to perform to reach a user-defined objective. Each step in the chain is a task that needs to be completed for the overall objective to be achieved. The AI follows this roadmap, executing each task in the chain in the order they appear, and using the output of one task as the input for the next. This allows the AI to handle complex objectives that require multiple steps to complete.

Smart Task Chains

Smart Task Chains are an advanced feature of the AGiXT software that takes Task Chains to the next level. Imagine a Task Chain as a roadmap, but now, each stop along the way is thoroughly researched and planned out before you even set off on your journey. That's what Smart Task Chains do. They start with a user-defined objective and generate a Task Chain to achieve it. But instead of blindly following the chain, each step in the chain is treated as a Smart Instruct. This means that before the AI attempts each task, it first conducts a thorough research using web search, formulates strategies, evaluates them, and fine-tunes the best possible solution. This ensures that each step in the chain is not just completed, but completed in the best possible way. Smart Task Chains represent a combination of strategic planning and efficient execution, providing a comprehensive, intelligent, and reliable approach to achieving complex objectives.

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