Quick Start Guide

Windows and Mac Prerequisites

Linux Prerequisites

Download and Install

Open a PowerShell terminal and run the following to download and install AGiXT:

git clone https://github.com/Josh-XT/AGiXT
cd AGiXT

When you run the AGiXT.ps1 script for the first time, it will create a .env file automatically. There are a few questions asked on first run to help you get started. The default options are recommended for most users.

For advanced environment variable setup, see the Environment Variable Setup documentation for guidance on setup.

    ___   _______ _  ________
   /   | / ____(_) |/ /_  __/
  / /| |/ / __/ /|   / / /
 / ___ / /_/ / //   | / /
/_/  |_\____/_//_/|_|/_/

Visit our documentation at https://AGiXT.com
Welcome to the AGiXT Environment Setup!
Would you like AGiXT to auto update? (y/n - default: y):
Would you like to set an API Key for AGiXT? Enter it if so, otherwise press enter to proceed. (default is blank):
Enter the number of AGiXT workers to run (default: 10):

After the environment setup is complete, you will have the following options:

1. Run AGiXT (Stable - Recommended!)
2. Run AGiXT (Development)
3. Run Backend Only (Development)
4. Exit
Enter your choice:

Choose Option 1 to run AGiXT with the latest stable release. This is the recommended option for most users. If you're not actively developing AGiXT, this is the option you should choose.

Running and Updating AGiXT

Any time you want to run or update AGiXT, run the following commands from your AGiXT directory:


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