We plan to build more examples but would love to see what you build with AGiXT. If you have an example you would like to share, please submit a pull request to add it to this page.

Chatbot Example

Example of a basic AGiXT chatbot. Set your agent, make it to learn whichever urls or files, then just keep using that conversation ID to keep a conversation going with the AI where it is aware of the history of your conversation (last 5 interactions). If you want to keep talking to it about the same docs with out the history, start a new conversation and keep going with the same agent without any retraining of the documentation. Any conversations you have with the AI will be saved in the agixt/conversations directory and will also be viewable from inside of the AGiXT Streamlit Web UI.

You can open this file in a Jupyter Notebook and run the code cells to see the example in action. https://github.com/Josh-XT/AGiXT/blob/main/examples/Chatbot.ipynb

Some Examples of Useful Chains

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